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The Voyageur Home

A weaving loom sitting on a dining table. There's a purple and black scarf project on it.

I’m so excited. I just got a new (used) table loom delivered via UPS. It’s a Leclerc Voyageur, 8 shafts, 24.5″ weaving width. It is a thing of beauty, and is in fantastic shape. So I thought I’d do an unboxing post.

When I opened the front door and saw this behemoth, I was surprised at how massive the box was. (I believe my exact words were “Holy fuck,” which made the UPS driver laugh out loud.)

Holy fuck, indeed.

Yeah, it’s about four feet tall.

There was a lot of packing material.

A lot of packing material.

But there was a loom in there somewhere, I knew it.

Found it!

I unwrapped it (and I’m never going to need packing supplies ever again, I don’t think) and put it on the table. The Voyageur is designed as a “workshop” loom — a folding loom that weavers can take with them to weaving classes. I wanted it because it folds up to a narrow enough size I can tuck it in the corner of my bedroom between projects. Most people who buy this model for travel get one of the narrower versions. This sucker is pretty big and weighs thirty pounds.

A folded-up weaving loom sitting on a dining table. There's a purple and black scarf project on it.

I opened it up. I had to adjust the shafts and heddles, because they’d shifted some in transit, but nothing was broken. It’s in beautiful shape, actually.

The Voyageur unfolded.

That project you see on it was from the previous owner. It’s a Tencel scarf. The pattern is a 92 row repeat. I haven’t decided if I’m brave enough to continue it.

I won’t get to play with my new toy for a bit, because I have a large spinning commission to finish. But once that’s done, I’ll give the Voyageur a go and see how I do!

Meanwhile, I’m selling my old Louet Erica, a 19″ 4-shaft table loom. I have a prospective buyer lined up and am meeting her tomorrow. And I have a weaving space for this loom, when I have the time for it. I can’t wait.

Oh yeah — and the last owner was a giant Star Trek nerd. Which is why these decals are on the side of the loom. It’s dorky as hell, but I am probably equally dorky for recognizing the outline of the starship Voyager.

The side of a loom's castle.  Decals are on it, of the Star Trek Starfleet Command logo and the Voyager spaceship.
Voyager is home. God I’m a dork.