Custom Work

I am currently taking spinning commissions! Here are some examples of past projects. I’m particularly good with color changes.

I’ve done lots of other yarn, too. Please check out the gallery for more examples.

I charge by the ounce. Thinner yarns cost more, as they’ll be more yardage, but you’ll find I’m very reasonable. I prefer wool or wool blends, but I’m game for just about anything. I even did one commission where I spun eight pounds of acrylic roving! I can do cotton, flax/linen, etc. as well.

Bonus: if you’re a history nerd and want fingering weight or finer yarn, I’d be happy to spin it on my antique wheel for no extra charge.

The wheel was made in the 1860s and even traveled west with some pioneers on a Conestoga wagon. More about the wheel and my journey to fix it up here. Note that your skeins will be smaller; the bobbins for this wheel are pretty small, so I can’t fit a ton of yarn on them.


I’ve done commissions for fabric, from purses to jackets.