Custom Work

Custom spinning

Do you ever see dyed spinning fiber and think “I’d love to have that as yarn, but I don’t know how to spin”? I’m willing to spin it for you!

$4.99 an ounce (28 grams) will get you your choice of two-ply fingering/sport or three-ply DK/worsted.  (Thickness depends on the fiber type and preparation.)

Typically a 4-ounce braid of fiber works out to a 450+ yards of fingering or 200+ of worsted. I am an extremely consistent spinner who wastes very little fiber. I’m very good at handling colors. I do gradients very evenly too.

Current turnaround time is two weeks per four ounces; I spin fast, but I also have to wash and dry your yarn to set the twist and remove excess dye.

I prefer to work with wool, or with blends that are at least 50% wool. It must be already combed or carded. You send it to me and pay me half my spinning fee up front, then the other half plus shipping when I’m finished. I’m willing to do bulk discounts too.

I spin undyed wool as well, as long as it’s already prepared.

Contact me with questions, or to discuss your project ideas!

Custom woven bands and straps

I took up band weaving some time ago, and I’m now offering custom pieces! Looking for a custom yoga mat carrier, luggage strap, tote bag handles, backpack straps, or other cool woven pieces? Here are a couple of examples of my work.

Pricing depends on the width and length of the piece(s) and number of colors used.  Contact me to discuss your needs, and we’ll figure something out!