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The Spinning Process

A commission client asked me to show pics of how the spinning process goes. I thought I would share with everyone. Please pardon my carpet — this particular fiber got everywhere while I was spinning it.

First off: I spin a singles. Not a typo, the word is plural even when it means a singular thing.

The singles is drafted from the fiber, which I hold in my left hand.

In a two-ply yarn, there are two singles plied together.

The bobbins containing the singles are on the floor to my left, held by a lazy kate.

Once the singles have been plied together, the yarn is done. Here it is on the bobbin.

Then I wind it onto the skeinwinder…

Once it’s wound, I tie it off.

And it’s ready to be washed! Wet-finishing sets the twist and makes the yarn complete. Once it’s dry, it’s off to the client.

This particular commission was for eight pounds of worsted weight yarn. I can’t wait to see what the client makes with it! If you’d like to book a commission, contact me. I charge by the ounce, and cost depends on your desired yarn thickness.