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Coming soon: LGBTQIA+ bracelets!

Today I did up some ace pride bracelets. I’m planning trans, non-binary, intersex, demi-sexual, bisexual, and pansexual one’s in the near future too.

I’m planning on shoelaces and skate laces as well. And I’m taking requests. Subscribe to the blog or follow me on Facebook to see when the bracelets are posted to the shop. They’ll be $6 each plus about a dollar for shipping within the US. All handwoven by me on an inkle loom!

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Handknits in the shop

I don’t like knitting for money. Knitting takes a long time, so it’s not cost-effective if I want to make a profit. But sometimes I knit things for fun and have no idea what to do with them afterward. So I’ve put a few things in the shop, for prices that basically just cover the yarn I used for them. Better than they go to good homes than sitting in a box in my apartment!

[products limit=”4″ columns=”4″ orderby=”date” order=”DESC” ids=”827,824,835,831″]

I also have one handwoven piece, a twill scarf. Weaving is faster than knitting, unless I’m doing something really complex. I plan to weave more for the shop soon.

[products limit=”1″ columns=”1″ orderby=”date” order=”DESC” ids=”839″]

I’m currently working on some more yarn for the shop, but my weaving is all commissions at the moment. Contact me if you’d like to have something done especially for you!

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Custom woven bands and straps

I took up band weaving some time ago, and I’m now offering custom pieces! Looking for a custom yoga mat carrier, luggage strap, tote bag handles, backpack straps, or other cool woven pieces? Here are a couple of examples of my work.

Backpack Straps


Pride Luggage Strap

Pricing depends on the width and length of the piece(s) and number of colors used.  Contact me to discuss your needs, and we’ll figure something out!

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Weaving: shoelaces

Making shoelaces on the inkle loom is fun, I’m finding.

I’m using size 10 crochet thread for them, and using an inkle pattern generator to make designs.

I’m planning to make some for the shop, but first I have to send my loom off for an upgrade. When it’s done I’ll be able to weave bands up to eighteen feet long. I’m thinking about putting some other band-woven things in the shop after that. Dog leashes? Lanyards? Give me your suggestions!