Hi there! My name is Grayson, and I’m addicted to the fiber arts. I spin, knit, and weave, and occasionally I sell my work and teach.  I do both modern projects as well as medieval-style designs as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (which I got back into recently, after decades away from it).

I’ve been knitting since 1993, crocheting since 1994, spinning since 2006, and weaving since 2012.  If you’re interested in the tools I use to create, check out this post.  I’ve been a member of my local handweavers’ guild since 2018, and did a turn on the board of directors.

I’m a queer neurodivergent Gen X-er.  When I’m not making yarn/cloth I’m hacking WordPress (used to do it for a living), reading nonfiction, writing short stories for fun (I used to write professionally; never again), coding bots for the Discord chat platform, playing the cello very badly, or hanging out in my fave local coffee shop with friends.