I’m now offering private lessons in spinning, knitting, and weaving in the Gainesville FL area! Please take a look in my “Custom Work” and “Shop” tabs for examples of my work. I enjoy teaching others the skills that bring me so much joy and have experience assisting others with their fiber wrangling. If you would like to learn a new skill or improve your knowledge in any of these areas, please contact me to discuss scheduling lessons!

Topics include:


  • Drop spindles
  • Supported spindles
  • Spinning wheels
  • E-spinners
  • Wheel maintenance*


  • Rigid heddle
  • Tapestry
  • Inkle weaving
  • Multi-shaft loom basics (table or floor)
  • Loom maintenance*


Anything from beginner basics to advanced techniques.


Beginner basics and more. Left-handed only.

If you want to learn something not listed, ask me. Either I forgot to note it here, or else I can find you a teacher who knows that thing.

Note: You will have to provide your own equipment. I don’t have extras. If you need advice on what to buy/rent, I can gladly help you find something.

* Maintenance lessons: I can teach you how all the parts go together, and what you need to do to keep your equipment in working order. If you’re looking for someone to fix your equipment, I can help if it’s a minor issue, but I’m not going to take it apart or refurbish it for you.


My standard rate for private lessons is $35 per hour. I am willing to do small groups; contact me to discuss it.