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Why, Etsy, why?

Etsy has decided to start charging a 15% fee on products sold through ads. Ugh. I may get less customers keeping the shop on my own webhost, but I’d rather that than let Etsy continue to have my business. If you see other makers leaving Etsy, make sure to get on their mailing lists so you don’t lose touch with them. I’m not the only one affected by this, and most makers don’t have the technical expertise to run their own site…

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Going back to Etsy isn’t going anywhere. It will always be the most reliable way to get to me and my products. But I’ve switched the store section back over to Etsy completely, for one reason: that’s where the customers are. I’m guilty of being an Etsy junkie myself — when I go looking for something handmade, my first stop is Etsy unless I already know of a good standalone source.

I’m still taking custom orders and commissions. Drop me a note if you’re looking for something particular, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for your patience!

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Aaaand I’m still alive.

Sorry for vanishing for so long. Depression sucks. I’m back to spinning and will have some new products up soon! Here’s a preview.

I set my Etsy store back up, since some people prefer to shop there. Same handspun, same prices. I haven’t copied over the other stuff in the shop yet, but I will.

Also, you now get FREE shipping on domestic purchases. Thanks for shopping!

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Making life simpler.

What with individual states being able to tax online sales, I’ve decided to go back to using Etsy as my main selling platform.  It’s irritating — I greatly enjoy running my own store software, as it gives me more freedom and less overhead — but I don’t have the patience to keep up with multiple tax filings.  Etsy does all that, saving me the headache.

Regardless of what platform I’m using for sales, you’ll always find running.  And the products are all up on this site, they just link to the Etsy store.

Thanks for your patience with the switch!