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Antique Wheel, and My Fiber Stash

Two announcements:

First, I was given a beautiful antique spinning wheel, which I’ve fixed up. It’s from the 1860s; I know when and where it was made, and it was an heirloom in a family that went west in the 1880s in a Conestoga wagon! I’m using the wheel now for my own projects, and I’m willing to spin commissions on it. (Your yarn has to be on the thin side, though, as the wheel won’t do thicker yarns.) For more on the wheel, check the related posts on my personal site. There are even videos of me using it.

Also, I have some really beautiful fiber in my stash these days. Let me know if you want to call dibs on any of it!

Multiple colors of wool.

(Click on pictures to embiggen.)

I hope you all are well. Happy holidays!