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Viruses and yarn

I hope you’re doing well, my friends, and staying healthy in these troubling times.  Most of us are worried about the coronavirus. I know I’m taking precautions. So I wanted to let you all know what’s up at SwitchKnits.

All my handspun yarn gets washed in hot water to set the twist. My finished products and mailing supplies are kept in plastic bags.  If I get sick I won’t do any production work or touch my products.  I’d hate to pass anything along to my customers, although the coronovirus dies off surfaces in the time it takes for the mail to reach you (according to current CDC thoughts about the virus’ lifespan; this may change, so keep up on your news).

I will continue to mail out orders, unless the post office closes or I’m under quarantine, in which case I’ll let you know. (I’ll also post a site-wide notice about it.) If your order is delayed, you’ll have the choice of a refund or waiting until I can mail your package (which will be done as soon as possible).

Stay safe, y’all, and take care.