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Pride Packs: coming soon!

I’ve been working on something big. I’ve found an indie dyer to help me create Pride Packs: collections of handspun mini-skeins in the colors of every LGBTQIA+ pride flag I’ve come across. Each pack will contain roughly four ounces of yarn, split up into equal mini-skeins. For example, the Asexual Pride flag will be split into one-ounce skeins, because the flag has four colors. The regular rainbow flag, with six colors, will have 0.66-ounce skeins. Of course, I’ll standardize the amount of yardage in each pack so you know how much you’re getting of each color.

Cool, huh? But I need your help. While I have ordered wool to make at least one Pack of every flag listed in the poll below, I want to get an idea as to which Pride Packs my customers are interested in so I can make more of those. I want everyone to be able to get yarn in their flag of choice!

So please fill out the form below, if you’re interested in the Packs. Submitting the form in no way obligates you to buy anything; I’m just trying to gauge interest. You don’t even have to leave your email address, although if you do I’ll put you on the notification list for when Packs are available.

Thanks for your time!